AVL and TrianGraphics cooperate on virtual validation of ADAS functions

Testing of complex automated driving functions to ensure safety under all possible driving conditions is a challenge. Physical testing for the hundreds of millions of kilometers on public roads before certification would take years if not decades. An effective validation of such vehicles can be only achieved through a combined approach of road testing and virtual testing.

In this line, Triangraphics and AVL List GmbH recently a entered into a partnership on the generation of digital 3D road environments for a more effective virtual verification and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs).

As a test system provider, AVL is developing a scenario based open verification and validation toolchain which enables test preparation and execution of ADAS and AVs in virtual and real road environments.

The effective creation of realistic virtual 3D environments such as complex roads and intersections is addressed by TrianGraphics‘ 3D modeling software Trian3DBuilder that will be integrated into the AVL scenario based verification and validation toolchain.

Source: Press Release


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