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Groupe Renault extends its offerings in ADAS and announces a new partnership

Groupe Renault has developed an autonomous control system that can handle challenging driving scenarios. In an industry first, the system can demonstrate road obstacle avoidance and has been tested against professional test drivers.

The company is working to become one of the first brands to offer” Mind off” technology on mainstream vehicles and this new offering direction is a step in this direction and will complement the company’s existing achievements in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and vehicle safety.

Groupe Renault extends its offerings in ADAS, announces a new technology and a partnership

The company has informed that the basis for this work comes from research published by Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Lab, with which Renault Open Innovation Lab has been collaborating. With this new innovation, Groupe Renault is leveraging the strength of the Alliance and supports the launch of more than 15 Renault models with different levels of autonomous driving capabilities by 2022.

Groupe Renault has also entered into a strategic development agreement with Chronocam SA, a developer of biologically-inspired vision sensors and computer vision solutions for automotive applications. Renault is actively co-innovating with startups for agile development of technologies and this agreement will focus on further developing and applying Chronocam’s innovative approach to sensing and processing visual inputs to Renault’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving developments.


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