Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive cyber-security specialist CanBusHack acquired by Trillium

Trillium announced its acquisition of the assets of cybersecurity consulting specialist CanBusHack. CanBusHack is one of the oldest automotive cybersecurity consulting and penetration testing company in the world and has had successful projects with major OEM and Tier1 customers around the world.


Trillium’s cybersecurity solution was under prolonged attack in the Car Hacking Village by the hacker community, members trying to compromise Trillium’s BrainBOX and SecureCAR Server platform – as part of the Car Hacking Village’s “Capture the Flag” competition.

The combination of CanBusHack’s sophisticated “Red Team” and Trillium’s advanced “Blue Team” expertise is expected to deliver a 100% IP accretive environment for developing advanced vehicular cybersecurity systems.

Trillium provides a multi-layered suite of cybersecurity tools – SecureCar, SecureIXS, and Secure OTA – and data-mining capabilities – SecureSKYE – to protect automobiles and IoT connected devices around the globe from cyber-attacks. Trillium is backed by lead investor Global Brain, a Tokyo-based venture capitalist.



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