Automotive Cybersecurity

Honeywell and LG Electronics join hands to develop automotive software technology and infrastructure solution

Honeywell and LG Electronics have joined hands to develop a unique automotive software technology and infrastructure solution to address threats associated with the increase in vehicle connectivity technology. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the companies recently.

The collaboration aims to provide automakers a next-generation cybersecurity solution for system communications within the vehicle as well as the increasing amount of external communications via cellular and satellite connectivity. It is being claimed that the solution would cover the entire cybersecurity chain from individual gateway protection through threat monitoring of fleets.

The solution will integrate Honeywell’s IDPS solutions for securing internal vehicle communication and control networks along with its security monitoring and analytics capabilities for security operation centers with LG’s intrusion, detection, and protection software (IDPS) technology for securing vehicle hardware from external attacks.

The collaborative solution will ensure passenger vehicle safety and security by identifying and validating software commands and data generated by the more than 100 million lines of code governing modern vehicle operation.


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