Automotive Cybersecurity

Red Balloon Security partners with Auto-ISAC

Red Balloon Security, an embedded security technology company has signed a strategic partnership with the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) to provide new tools and training aimed at improving cybersecurity awareness within the automotive industry.

In its role as an Auto-ISAC strategic partner, Red Balloon Security will provide the automotive community with specialized tools and training to help these professionals better understand the new cyber threats facing vehicle embedded device systems.

To further educate stakeholders in the automotive industry, Red Balloon Security recently launched an Automotive Exploitation Sandbox which allows users to access and subvert a vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) in order to show security weaknesses within this key piece of technology.

Moreover, Red Balloon Security’s sandbox provides a safe way for automotive industry professionals to simulate attacks on an ECU in order to see how easily these security flaws can be exploited, and the damage this would cause.

Red Balloon Security is also working closely with a number of automotive industry partners to improve vehicle cybersecurity more directly. Last year, the company released a new security technology which protects vehicle systems from a wide range of potential attacks. Known as Symbiote for Automotive Defense, it is a universally-compatible, OS-agnostic, real time host-based intrusion defense system for automotive ECUs and gateways.

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