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SafeRide Technologies and Ixia to deliver advanced cybersecurity testing for connected vehicles

SafeRide Technologies has collaborated with Ixia to test its’s vSentry™ vehicle cybersecurity solution using the BreakingPoint applications and network security test platform.

Ixia provides testing, visibility, security solutions, network testing tools and virtual network security solutions to strengthen applications across physical and virtual .The company’s BreakingPoint test platform simulates unauthorized data activity within the vehicle, while SafeRide’s technology detects these attempts, contains the activity, and prevents any interference or data loss.

SafeRide’s vSentry multilayer cybersecurity solution monitors all external communication to the vehicle, in-vehicle network traffic, and ECU software in real-time, and claims to provides a zero false-positive firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), and access control to all ECU resources.

SafeRide’s vXRay AI Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology uncovers zero-day vulnerabilities and allows for remediation by updating real-time access control policies over-the-air.

It can be challenging to test the level of efficiency and operation of leading cybersecurity solutions, such as SafeRide’s vSentry. To address this challenge, the BreakingPoint test solution simulates real-world traffic, distributed denial of service (DDoS), exploits, malware and fuzzing attacks.

BreakingPoint simulates both good and bad traffic to validate and optimize the network under the most realistic conditions. BreakingPoint is used to trigger unauthorized data exfiltration activity, while SafeRide’s vSentry solution detects the exfiltration attempt with vehicle profiling and anomaly detection algorithms, and applies automatic bandwidth control policies to contain the incident and prevent interference and data loss.

Source: Press Release


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