Automotive Cybersecurity

Trillium Secure to deploy C-SaaS platform SecureIoT in Japan

Trillium Secure has announced the April deployment of SecureIoT in Tokyo, Japan. The company claims it to be the world’s first 24/7/365 connected car Cyber-Security as a Service (C-SaaS) platform. The project brings together strategic go-to-market partners including automotive manufacturers, electronic component suppliers, insurance providers and commercial fleet owners. Identical C-SaaS deployments are scheduled for North America and Europe in Q3 and Q4, respectively.

Trillium SecureIoT-telematicswireAccording to the company the C-SaaS business model solves three major problems cybersecurity poses for auto makers;

1) Provides the requisite security R&D know-how to harden vehicles against hacking, including a counter measure arsenal to respond to zero-day exploits in real-time.

2) Transforms automotive security and safety, a high cost to auto manufacturers, into a compelling source of long-tail recurring revenue.

3) Buffers auto makers from liability associated with a zero-day attack.

The 18-month pilot project in Japan is purposed to provide for critical learning cycles necessary to optimize the SecureIoT platform, its machine learning algorithms and analytics engine. Simultaneous commercial deployment in January 2020 is planned for the Japan and US markets, combined protecting a fleet of as many as 3.5 million vehicles.


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