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Airbiquity releases new version of OTAmatic

Airbiquity has announced the latest release of OTAmatic. This version boasts new features and integrations that aim to address some of the top concerns for automakers and suppliers, such as compromise-resilient security, edge data analytics, and more efficient OTA management capabilities.

The company claims the update further strengthens offering and automakers and suppliers can leverage Airbiquity’s OTA capabilities to addresses the challenge of managing and executing OTA campaigns for millions of vehicles.
OTAmatic now includes:

• Uptane Integration: A compromise-resilient security framework featuring the Uptane software security system specifically designed for automotive.
• Multiple and Parallel Software Updates: Supports sequential and parallel installations for firmware, system, application, and HMI software.
• Vehicle Configurator Web Portal: Allows the creation and management of vehicle ECU inventories that can be addressed by the OTAmatic system.
• Teraki Analytic Module Integration: Supports “edge” computing with on-board analytic module software updates and efficient data transmission from vehicle to cloud.

Some benefits of automotive OTA include improved cybersecurity response times, significantly reduced recall expenses, and increased product and operational efficiencies.

Source: Press Release


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