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Audi of America gets a GREEN signal to test autonomous driving in California

Published: September 18, 2014 | United States

Audi becomes the first company to receive a  autonomous driving permit issued by California. In 2012, Audi was the first automotive OEM to receive one of the red autonomous vehicle license plates issues by the State of Nevada. In July, with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Audi was the first automaker to demonstrate the capability of its automated driving technologies on a Tampa expressway newly designated as an autonomous and connected car test bed. California now joins Michigan, Florida and Nevada in permitting the testing.

Audi A7 Jam Pilot Prototype in California

In addition to this, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has made official its new regulations regarding how manufacturers can test those so-called autonomous vehicles. The new regulations require a surety bond coverage of at least $5 million for each vehicle covered by a license. Besides this, include proof of insurance and permits for company-designated operators of those vehicles are also included as part of regulations.

California roads are especially crucial to Audi Piloted driving testing because the state is home to the brand’s Electronics Research Lab. ERL engineers are working on a wide range of automated driving issues, including human-machine interface prompts that indicate when the human or the vehicle are handling driving functions. 

California has allowed limited use of its roads for automated vehicle testing in past years. But the state legislature, led by Sen. Alex Padilla, passed legislation that Gov. Jerry Brown signed in 2012 to establish new guidelines for testing and eventually consumer use of technologies, such as Audi Piloted driving.

Audi has conducted research over tens of thousands of miles in Europe and various U.S. states, where such testing is permitted. The research is aimed at preparing a highly automated Piloted driving system for freeway traffic conditions. Audi envisions this technology could be ready for consumer introduction within five years. 

Audi envisions that such self-driving cars might be available to consumers within five years. 

Following is a demo VIDEO of Auto-piloted Driving by Audi: 

Source: Audi USA



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