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Automakers publish first cybersecurity best practice guide

Published: July 26, 2016 | Washington

In order to curb down security breaches across the world, more than 50 global experts have participated in the development of best practice guide for manufacturers to secure driverless cars and connected vehicles. The effort began in early 2016 when the 15 automaker members of the Auto-ISAC formed a working group to examine all cybersecurity aspects of the motor vehicle ecosystem.

Today’s vehicles do more to keep drivers secure and connected than ever before. However, connected vehicles must be designed and manufactured with security in mind. Therefore, members of the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (“Auto-ISAC”) released an overview of comprehensive Automotive Cybersecurity Best Practices (“Best Practices”) developed as a proactive measure to further enhance vehicle cybersecurity throughout the industry.

Cybersecurity best practices

Auto-ISAC Chairman Tom Stricker of Toyota, said:

Automakers are committed to being proactive and will not wait for cyber threats to materialize into safety risks. The Best Practices initiative represents this commitment to proactive collaboration that our industry made when we stood up the Auto-ISAC last year. I’m proud of the way we have united in our endeavor to minimize the risks our consumers might face from cybersecurity and privacy threats.

The Best Practices provide deep technical and organizational breadth to support, develop, and improve defenses against potential cybersecurity threats of the motor vehicle ecosystem. They are grounded in ISO, NIST and other established cybersecurity frameworks but are tailored to the motor vehicle. Auto-ISAC members have committed to continuously enhancing the Best Practices over time to keep pace with the constantly evolving cyber landscape.

The creation of Best Practices follows the release of the Framework for Automotive Cybersecurity Best Practices jointly released by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (“Auto Alliance”) and the Association of Global Automakers (“Global Automakers”) in January 2016. The Auto-ISAC coordinated with both organizations throughout the Best Practices development.

The auto industry has been successful in galvanizing collaboration to address product and data security before a major cyber incident has taken place. In November 2014, members of both the Auto Alliance and Global Automakers voluntarily adopted Privacy Principles that will govern data retrieved from vehicles. The auto industry was the first in the Internet of Things ecosystem to take such a firm stance on customer data use.

Source: Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers


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