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Bright Box self driving car retrofit- Remoto Pilot

Published: 29 September 2016

According to media coverage, Bright Box’s Remoto Pilot, will feature self-driving car retrofit solution with a neural network that learns extreme driving through computer games.

According to website of Remoto Pilot— Autonomous Driving

  • Fully autonomous or driver assisting operation
  • Integration of stereo vision and advanced machine learning techniques, such as convolutional neural networks with deep learning, to enable real-time assessment of road situation
  • Safe and reliable road/lane following, real-time detection and avoidance of various obstacles, such as cars, pedestrians etc.
  • Integration of stereo vision system with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and high definition (HD) maps to enable fully autonomous car operation
Remoto Pilot
Remoto Pilot

According to Venture Beat:
Bright Box’s Remoto Pilot emphasizes safe, reliable road/lane following as well as real-time detection and avoidance of various obstacles such as cars and pedestrians. It may sound crazy, but it makes a lot of sense to use games like Grand Theft Auto V to train a computer for a driverless car. After all, you can practice over and over in a simulated game before you take the risk of driving on a real road.

Remoto Pilot uses stereo vision in combination with advanced computer vision algorithms based on neural networks. Combined with the use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and high-definition (HD) maps, this technology enables fully autonomous car operation, the company said.








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