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C-V2X technology superior to DSRC: NGMN Alliance

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance has published its V2X (cellular vehicle to everything) White Paper containing the findings of two years of work by a task force of best in class industry specialists from across the world.

Key conclusions from the NGMN include:

  • C-V2X technology is superior to IEEE 802.11p standards from a technical, economical and eco-system perspective and can easily satisfy basic yet critical safety applications
  • Its technical advantages include communication range, latency and scalability
  • It has a natural evolution path to future advanced applications by updating current networks to 5G
  • It not only covers safety features for vehicles but also supports use cases for other traffic participants, such as pedestrians and cyclists
  • Tests are already ongoing, and the technology can be deployed by 2020

The White Paper follows the creation of a V2X task force in June 2016 to study and evaluate V2X technologies and requirements. The NGMN Alliance founded by leading international network operators in 2006, drives and guides the development of all future mobile broadband technology with a focus on 5G.

The full White Paper can be accessed here


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