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CarTrawler: People prefer Wi-Fi hot-spots over safety features in shared mobility

Published: October 21, 2015 | Dublin

If you asked people what they would like to see available in rental cars of the future, what would you expect to hear? Driverless cars? Virtual tour guides? How about solar-powered cars? These are just a few of the preferences selected by car rental customers participating in the annual CarTrawler Car Rental Customer Report.


In a new section entitled “The future of car rental”, the report reveals that despite their environmentally friendly reputation, only 13% of German respondents showed any interest in solar powered cars compared to a quarter of Americans and Australians surveyed. Meanwhile, almost half of Spanish customers (48%) want green cars in the future. Popular amongst French and Spanish customers was the driverless car that can locate a parking space and park in it (and then send you a message with the car’s location!).

Consumers want to see changes in the sector that match their lifestyle – flexibility with drop-off locations and ability to bypass the car rental desk and go straight to the car were popular.

Despite all of these attractive technological advances, safety and connectivity received the top billing from all nationalities, with WiFi receiving an average of 58% of preferences followed by safe cars (55%).

Source: CarTrawler


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