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CMS SupaTrak develops video and telematics system to deliver real time crash reconstruction

Published: February 25, 2015 | Wiltshire, England

Working with insurance underwriters and fleet operators, vehicle telematics specialist CMS SupaTrak have developed a combined video and telematics system, which delivers real time crash reconstruction.

CMS SupaTrack crash reconstruction system

The solution forms part of CMS SupaTrak’s “Saving Money.Saving Lives.” campaign, which focuses on promoting safer driving and managing road risk and accident prevention. The combined video and telematics system delivers real time crash reconstruction information to incident management centres, referred to by insurance companies as first notification of loss centres (FNOL centres).

Using this real-time information, the incident centre is able to mitigate claims and ensure the correct medical assistance is made available to the driver, if required.

The system automatically identifies a potential road safety incident and starts sending back video and telematics data 20 seconds before and 10 seconds after the logged alert.  In addition to the automated alerts, drivers can manually create an incident by pressing a button inside the vehicle. 

When an incident is identified, the system will automatically create an alert, which generates an email with the video footage embedded and a text message, if required. By combining synchronised live driver, video, vehicle telematics and location data, the CMS SupaTrak Crash Reconstruction System can help save money and save lives.

“our new Crash Reconstruction System has been conceived through our work with insurance under writers and our existing customers.  It provides a solution to the challenges faced when an incident does occur and the integration of the captured data enables fleet managers and FNOL centres to handle claims as efficiently as possible.” – CMS SupaTrak’s Managing Director Jason Airey

Source: CMS SupaTrack


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