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Continual and HERE Technologies collaboate to improve connected mobility

Continual, a provider of Connected Car and subscriber Mobility Experience Analytics, and HERE Technologies, mapping and location services company, have partnered to create an integrated solution for mobile network operators (MNO).

The solution is designed to continuously monitor and map the connected experience of users on the move across the entire road network. The product also claims to provide the added benefit of performance analysis of different mobile networks.

Under the new collaboration, Continual is embedding HERE Cellular Signals and HERE Traffic Analytics into its Mobility Experience Analytics solution to deliver a range of benefits to MNOs.

HERE Cellular Signals is a unique data asset that correlates aggregated information about mobile network performance onto roadways, while HERE Traffic Analytics provides visibility into road traffic patterns.

Integrated into Continual’s AI-based analytics, the solution will enable MNOs to prioritize network tasks to improve the experience of users who are traveling, as well as to enhance the prediction and automation of network changes to mitigate for cells with increased load.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) are placing new demands on mobile networks, and MNOs are seeking to provide seamless connectivity to enhance their operation and safety. This trend is driving the need for nationwide, instantaneous network quality heatmaps that can be drilled down in relation to any relevant parameter or service.

Smart Cities will also require up-to-date reports detailing crowd locations, movement of pedestrians, car traffic flow, and so on, to optimize infrastructure development. Both commercial and public sector organizations will be able to use this information for better planning and marketing.

At the same time, legacy networks will remain in service for several more years, and mobile operators will have an even greater need to understand the effects of multi-vendor, multi-technology networks – combining 3G, 4G and 5G – on the customer experience. A new integrated Continual dashboard will provide a single location for monitoring such environments.

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