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CyberCar is bringing blockchain to connected cars

CyberCar is bringing blockchain to connected cars. With connected cars, the data and information are collected in a computer “gateway” inside the vehicle, then fed into a hosted cloud solution. In the recent demonstration, CyberCar leveraged CalAmp’s telematics technology to collect data from inside the vehicle by porting its blockchain-optimized Secure Telematics Platform (STP) onto the vehicle gateway. CyberCar then authenticated the data with blockchain on the CyberCar node.


Blockchain keeps an unchangeable ledger of data events and is made up of nodes, each with its own immutable record of the same data. This means that even if the data generated from the vehicle were to be altered in any way, the original data collected by CyberCar would remain unchanged and available for verification on a CyberCar blockchain node. Blockchain applications for vehicles range from cold transport, tracking regulated goods, autonomous vehicles, insurance, enhanced OEM services, and more.

By bringing blockchain to the connected vehicle, CyberCar delivers a “membrane of trust” around the entire vehicle ecosystem, enabling a profound paradigm shift in connected car technology, facilitating new business models and lines of commerce.

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