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Delphi working on developing Tesla like OTA update software suite

It is being reported in media that Delphi is working to build a suite of software which would enable the automakers to update their vehicles remotely much like smartphones.


It is being claimed the software suite would be able to update the vehicles manufactured after 2010. It would be able to update their engine control, braking systems and infotainment over the airwaves. Delphi’s over-the-air software capabilities could be built into new car models by 2020 if things go according to the plans.

The company has been leveraging the expertise of several startup companies it has acquired recently or has been working closely to boost its technological capabilities. Recently, Delphi bought a startup Movimento and before that, it had acquired Control-Tec, a telematics and analytics company. It has also invested in Otonomo which is specialized in anonymizing and selling driver data to third parties. It is being said that Delphi in future may even transform into a software integrating company.

There are a lot of advantages of OTA updates like it can enhance the profits of the automakers by reduced warranty costs, cut down the recalls and help them to keep the technology of their vehicles updated. Tesla has been successfully updating powertrains and battery-management systems via over-the-air software updates since 2012. Automakers like Daimler AG, BMW AG, and General Motors Co. also have plans to introduce such updates in future.


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