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ESCRYPT awarded contract from Transport Canada

The Government of Canada aims to create Canada’s transportation system of tomorrow, in this line; Minister of Transport has announced the award of a contract valued at up to $1.3 million to ESCRYPT to advance the development of a Canadian Security Credential Management System (SCMS) for connected vehicles.

Transport Canada’s program to Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System (ACATS) is helping Canadian jurisdictions prepare for connected and automated vehicles.

Connected vehicles hold promise of improving the safety and efficiency of road transportation by enabling vehicles to communicate with smart infrastructure (e.g. traffic signals, rail crossings, traffic signs etc.) and other road users (e.g. pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists). Potential applications include:

• Traffic signal priority for emergency response vehicles, like ambulances, police, and fire trucks.
• Real-time road condition advisories to warn drivers about potential hazards, like slippery surfaces, accidents, or construction.
• Warnings to advise commercial truck drivers about bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

The SCMS will help ensure that connected vehicle communications are secure and can be trusted. The SCMS incorporates privacy-by-design principles, and enables communication without revealing personal information about the vehicle or the driver.

As part of the contract, ESCRYPT will be responsible for developing Canadian requirements for the system, and recommending an operational model for how the technology may be deployed in Canada.

Outcomes of this work will be an important element of the department’s forthcoming cyber-security guidance – a signature initiative under Canada’s Safety Framework for Automated and Connected Vehicles – and ultimately a key feature of Canada’s regulatory regime moving forward.

Source: Press Release


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