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Ford aims production of first C-V2X-equipped vehicle in 2021

Ford has announced that it plans to begin deploying cellular vehicle-to-everything, or C-V2X, technology in Ford vehicles in China in 2021.

The company considers C-V2X technology deployment key to its China strategy, with country’s fast 5G development, and company’s rapid progress in C-V2X. This commitment demonstrates Ford’s drive to accelerate the commercial deployment of C-V2X wireless communication technology, and follows the company’s plan to deploy C-V2X technology in all new Ford models in the United States beginning in 2022.

C-V2X is considered crucial as it provides an additional source of data about city infrastructure, traffic, construction and emergency vehicles. Similar to the way hearing and vision work together to help a person navigate a complex world, C-V2X complements vehicle sensors such as radar, LiDAR and camera systems to enhance a vehicle’s ability to operate in complex environments, potentially mitigating risks in blind interactions, bad weather, and other challenging conditions.

Source: Press Release


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