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Fort Lauderdale selects Passport mobility management platform

Fort Lauderdale’s Transportation and Mobility Department has selected Passport, a mobility platform, to power its parking ecosystem.

The City of Fort Lauderdale recently announced the partnership to implement Passport’s mobility platform, an innovative system designed to transform municipal mobility management. With the announcement, Fort Lauderdale becomes the first city in the United States to procure and select a partner to implement this cutting-edge solution to manage its entire parking operation.

Passport’s technology will enable Fort Lauderdale to bridge data from previously unconnected systems to make smarter, more strategic decisions about transportation, with the ultimate goal of creating a better experience for residents and visitors.

The Passport platform will give Fort Lauderdale unprecedented access to data and will centralize all forms of mobility in one place. With Passport, the city will be able to:

• Assess real-time parking demand
• Expand the availability of digital payments throughout the mobility ecosystem
• Enable predictive availability capabilities for parking facilities
• Optimize parking inventory through dynamic pricing
• Enforce mobility rules, rates and regulations through a real-time compliance platform
• Enable management of emerging modes of transportation through a central platform

Passport’s mobility platform enables clients to digitally coordinate all modes of transportation and implement real-time, data-centric management of their curbside and streetspace through its enterprise software.

Source: Press Release


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