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Gemalto and GlobalmatiX team up to deliver automotive telematics solution

Gemalto and GlobalmatiX have teamed up to deliver a solution for Porsche GT4 Cup championship race.

The Gemalto Cinterion LTE Cat. 1 IoT Module and a Gemalto eSIM delivered wireless connectivity for the GlobalmatiX Telematics Control Unit (xTCU) enabling continuous monitoring, communications and remote predictive maintenance.

Gemalto-enabled telematics device is racecar tested and approved

Installed in a Porsche Cayman GT4 racecar, the Gemalto-enabled GlobalmatiX xTCU device was put to the test at Nürburgring racecourse, performing under extreme conditions of heat, vibration and speeds of up to 280 km/h.
After six continuous hours at full throttle, the solution performed reliability, sending real time diagnostic data from 40 different vehicle sensors to the race team.

Mechanics were able to monitor critical performance indicators for tire pressure, oil temperature, fuel level and speed throughout the entire race.
Thanks to immediate visibility of issues after a minor crash, mechanics were able to organize the necessary parts and manage repairs before the car made it back to the pit.

IoT telematics in the fast lane

According to the company GlobalmatiX xTCU can connect and monitor any car or truck in real time. The solution can be used in variety of applications including: pay-per-mile car insurance policies, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking applications, driver safety systems, predictive maintenance and onboard infotainment.
How the GlobalmatiX solution works

The xTCU collects data from sensors embedded in vehicles then uses the Gemalto eSIM and Cinterion IoT Wireless Module to encrypt data and securely connect over cellular 4G/LTE networks to the GlobalmatiX cloud backend system. Analytics applications transform data into actionable intelligence that improves vehicle performance, driver safety and convenience. The Gemalto solution also manages secure over-the-air (OTA) service provisioning that allows the xTCU to connect vehicles over any global mobile network without a service visit or eSIM update. It is planned to extend the collaboration to 5G.


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