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HERE collaborates with Amazon Alexa

HERE Technologies has announced a new collaboration with Amazon that will see the two companies integrate Amazon Alexa and HERE navigation and location services.

The combination of the voice-first interactions through Alexa with in-car navigation solution will make it easy for automakers to deliver an intuitive, voice-first experience for users inside and outside the car.

Alexa will come pre-integrated within HERE Navigation On-Demand, the new one-stop solution for automakers to enable navigation experiences in their vehicles.

Leveraging the Alexa Auto tools and APIs, HERE has built a true voice-first car navigation experience that keeps users focused on the road while enabling Alexa to deliver personalized guidance when and where it’s needed most.

HERE will also provide information from its location services platform to the Alexa service, allowing users to search and locate points of interest, access live traffic information, and conduct seamless route planning in and outside of the car.

Amazon utilizes high-quality location services from HERE to power Alexa’s location awareness, providing important location data with context and insights to help users estimate time to work or the nearest cafe.

Moving forward, the companies will also explore opportunities to provide additional functionality to automakers and their customers.

Source: Press Release


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