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Hyundai partners with MDGo to enhance vehicle safety

Hyundai Motor is working towards its vision of ‘freedom of mobility’ that encompasses limiting accidents and their impact on customers. Taking a step in this direction, Hyundai has announced a partnership with MDGo, an Israeli start-up specializing in medical artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The companies will co-develop connected services that bring the worlds of health and automotive closer than ever.

MDGo’s intelligent injury analysis system uses an elaborate AI algorithm that measures the attributes applied to the passengers in real-time and alert emergency services and medical facilities to a driver’s likely injuries following a road traffic accident.

According to Hyundai, using the spectrum of sensors in the car and MDGo technology, it will be able to send emergency services a data like injury level information and safety system activation. Crucially, the innovation will secure golden time that enable emergency services to assess the required scale of response and deploy appropriately skilled medical personnel before arriving at the scene of an accident.

The MDGo AI technology interprets accident data and compiles numerous sets of insights regarding the occupants and the vehicle. Within seven seconds of impact, emergency services are sent a detailed analysis of potential injuries, communicated through medical terms.

The AI system is also continually learning and refining its interpretation of different accident scenarios. This process of iterative enhancement is facilitated by hospitals inputting real data on patients’ injuries, which the system compares to its prediction to further refine its analysis.

Recently, Hyundai had demonstrated another medical innovation in Korea, using its NEXO fuel cell vehicle. While traveling autonomously, the vehicle communicated with physicians, sharing a passenger’s medical information in real-time, including blood pressure and heartbeat data.

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