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Japan:Toyota to showcases connected vehicle and smart mobility solution

Published: October 19, 2015 | Tokyo, Japan

Toyota exhibits the latest ITS technologies and initiatives for safe and comfortable mobility at Smart Mobility City 2015, an event being held alongside the Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota’s recently-launched ITS Connect safety package uses vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication to provide drivers with the kind of information that cannot be picked up by on-board sensors, and thereby aids safe driving.  ITS Connect will be equipped on the new Crown (launched on October 1) and Prius (to be launched in December in Japan), followed by one more model before the end of 2015.


The Toyota booth will feature an on-stage demonstration of V2I and V2V communication, with the stage representing a junction at which a model car, pedestrian sensors, and a 760 MHz wavelength antenna will be placed.

There will also be an explanation of the Right-turn Collision Caution feature of ITS Connect, which will describe the sensors used to detect pedestrians, as well as the timing and methods of alerting the driver through the vehicle’s Human Machine Interface. There will likewise be an introduction to ITS Connect’s Emergency Vehicle Notification function, as well as Communicating Radar Cruise Control, which uses V2V communication to help maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

The vehicle on display to demonstrate these features will be none other than the all-new Prius.

At Smart Mobility City 2015, Toyota will present a joint car sharing service trial being conducted in Tokyo with Park24, Co., Ltd. The service utilizes Park24’s Times Car Plus sharing service, and incorporates elements from the Ha:mo transport system. The display will also provide information regarding Toyota’s assessment of the future potential for Ha:mo in other cities and tourist areas. In addition, Toyota will use an interactive mock-up to explain some of the telematics-based information services Ha:mo could deliver in the future.

New Ha:mo-based sharing service
The booth will feature an overview of a new Ha:mo project scheduled to be launched in a tourist area. The on-stand display will simulate the free and enjoyable travel to and from tourist spots using the service, which will combine the COMS ultra-compact electric vehicle with telematics-based route-guidance features.
Ha:mo Agent interactive mock-up
The booth will introduce a simulation called Ha:mo Agent, a route-guidance feature that utilizes an advanced personal identification and voice recognition system alongside a large heads-up display. It is expected to be used on-board next-generation Ha:mo vehicles.

As a vehicle currently used in Ha:mo projects in Japan and France, Toyota will display the COMS, a super-compact electric vehicle produced by Toyota Auto Body.

Source: Toyota


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