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Mercedes-Benz introduces the intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX

Mercedes-Benz at CES 2018 introduced the intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience. It will enter series production in 2018 in the new A Class.

The company has kept the user experience to the fore in the new infotainment system. The system has got a unique ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. It can be individualised and can adapt to suit the user thus creating an emotional connection between the vehicle, driver and passengers. OTA updates are possible in the system. It also heralds a new era at Mercedes me Connectivity.

It has also got a high-resolution Widescreen Cockpit with touchscreen operation, navigation display with augmented reality technology plus intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition, which is activated with the keyword “ Hey Mercedes”.

MBUX is used in the entire new compact car generation from Mercedes-Benz and will enter series production in spring 2018 in the new A-Class. Its highlight is the comprehensive touch operation concept – the combination of a touchscreen, touchpad on the centre console and Touch-Control Buttons in the steering wheel. In addition to the intuitive operating experience, less driver distraction is another advantage.

MBUX is a further step in redefining Modern Luxury in the compact class. The new A-Class breaks new ground, starting in the interior. The unique architecture is particularly marked by the avantgarde design of the dashboard and is a unique feature in this segment.

Mercedes-Benz auf der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas: Weltpremiere des intuitiven und lernfähigen Multimediasystems MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience, das 2018 in der neuen A?Klasse in Serie geht. Mit innovativer Technologie basierend auf künstlicher Intelligenz und einem intuitiven Bedienkonzept läutet MBUX damit eine neue Ära beim Infotainment ein.  Mercedes-Benz at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas: World premiere of the intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX - Mercedes-Benz User Experience. It will enter series production in 2018 in the new A?Class. MBUX is heralding a new era of infotainment with innovative technology based on artificial intelligence and an intuitive operating concept.

Mercedes-Benz introduces the intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX

The features of MBUX are listed below:

  • Mobile assistant with artificial intelligence

MBUX is an attempt to turn the vehicle into a mobile assistant, the system has got ability to learn. It uses artificial intelligence to give the user individual suggestions based on their habits. The algorithm used for this is optimised for on-board use in the vehicle and exploits the opportunities afforded by the latest chip generation.

  • Intuitive operating system for more safety and comfort

User experience in the car is designed to be emotively appealing showcasing features underline the comprehensibility of the control structure and thrill through 3D maximum-resolution graphics which are rendered, i.e. calculated and displayed, in real time.

The operating system on the free-standing Widescreen Cockpit comprises three levels with increasing information density: Homescreen where, alongside the freely selectable main applications (e.g. telephone, navigation and radio), the most important information (such as arrival time, song currently being played etc.) is displayed.

The next level – the Basescreen – with the display and controls for one main application respectively, such as Media and Navigation. Important functions such as destination or music search are grouped at the bottom edge of the screen. For seldom-used information and settings there is the Submenu on the final level.

In Fullscreen Mode the entire area of the instrument cluster is used for displaying Assistance, Journey or Navigation:

  • Voice control: “Hey Mercedes”

It has got natural speech recognition, MBUX’s LINGUATRONIC. It obeys virtually every command, recognises and understands nearly all sentences from the fields of infotainment and vehicle operation. The intelligent language assistance is activated either via a button on the steering wheel or with the keyphrase “Hey Mercedes”.  The voice control is also capable of learning.

  • Holistic touch-control system: three control options

The new touchscreen is part of the comprehensive touch-control concept – a triad consisting of the touchscreen, touchpad and Touch-Control Buttons. With the touchpad on the centre console the information in the media display can be changed intuitively as on a smartphone.

  • Mercedes me

New and improved Mercedes me connect services are being launched with the new infotainment generation MBUX. These include, among others, navigation functions based on Car-to-X communication  and vehicle locating, which makes finding a parked vehicle easier, as well as a message in case something has bumped into the parked vehicle or it has been towed away.

  • Smartwatch

The driver can also access MBUX functions via smartwatch.  This can be used to send addresses or Points of Interest (POI) directly from the smartwatch into the vehicle. The Parked Vehicle Locator service shows the car’s location within a radius of 1.5 km. “First and Last Mile” directs the driver to the parked vehicle/from the vehicle to the final destination, for example in a pedestrian zone. The functions are also available for iOS.

  • Individualisation

Using “prediction features”, MBUX anticipates what the user would like next. For instance, anyone who often telephones their mother on Tuesdays during the journey home will receive her telephone number as a suggestion on the display on this day of the week.

  • Augmented reality

Map display supplemented by Augmented Reality is a completely new feature. A video image of the surroundings taken with the aid of the front camera is augmented with helpful navigation information, for example arrows or house numbers are automatically superimposed directly onto the touchscreen image. This makes it easier for the driver to search for a certain house number, for example, or to find the correct road for turning off.



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