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MWC 2015: FICOSA’s Smart Connectivity Module enables sharing of connectivity amongs passengers simultaneously and separately

Published: March 03, 2015 | MWC-2015

Ficosa presented at the MWC-2015 a system for all occupants of a car have connectivity simultaneously and independently. This system has a personalized web interface for each manufacturer that offers the possibility to add applications for smartphones and other mobile devices.

It allows browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music, playing games online and accessing the GPS among other functions, to multiple users at the same time and from different mobile devices, thanks to the connection that offers the car itself.


This innovative solution was created to merge Smart Antenna Module (SAM) designed by Ficosa with one of its telematic 4G LTE connectivity modules. The new product called Smart Connectivity Module (SCM) is able to integrate into a single device the following features: 4G internet connection, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS positioning for each specific market, analog radio services (AM / FM), digital radio (DAB) and satellite radio (SDARS). It also incorporates the mandatory emergency call in Europe (eCall) and Russia (ERA-GLONASS), existing in the current telematics units developed by Ficosa.

This service sends an automatic notification to emergency services in case of accident. At the same time, is expected to be able to integrate the groundbreaking V2X technology for vehicles to communicate with each other and with the traffic infrastructure (traffic lights, parking lots, highways, etc).

The company, pioneer in V2X systems, has started to implement this innovative system with some of its customers and will participate, by the middle of 2015, in the European project 3CCAR in order to develop and improve vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity.

Source: FICOSA


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