Connected Vehicle

One-half of consumers connect to the Internet in their car, a survey finds

Metova, a provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT Solutions, recently announced the results of a survey revealing the sentiment of consumers regarding “the connected car.”  The company had commissioned a survey of over 1,200 US customers about their experience with technology in their vehicles.

Key findings include:

  • Over half of respondents have a vehicle that connects to Internet via phone or direct connection with nearly one-third total having a car that connects to the Internet via direct connection
  • More than half of respondents have a 2014 or newer vehicle
  • 80% are happy with the technology currently available in their car
  • 2 out of 3 respondents would switch from their current entertainment service provider of choice to one that was included with their vehicle
  • Streaming music services are gaining on FM Radio with 33% of consumers preferring streaming versus 37% that still choose FM Radio – primarily for convenience over content
  • 88% of consumers value new technology in their vehicles
  • 1 out of 5 new car shoppers would walk away from a potential new purchase that featured everything they wanted in a car (price, brand, design, power, MPG, etc.) if it didn’t have the latest connected technology included

Source: Press Release



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