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Bosch to enter car-sharing business

Together with toom, a subsidiary of the German retail group Rewe, Bosch will be testing the service at hardware stores

Bosch is launching a new sharing service for electric vans. Together with toom, a subsidiary of the German retail group Rewe, the company will be testing the service at hardware stores, which is precisely where there is a demand for vans with sufficient space to carry heavy and bulky purchases.

Bosch is already well versed in the sharing services business, as demonstrated by Coup, its rental service for electric scooters. Since its launch in 2016, Coup has constantly expanded, and now has a fleet of 3,500 scooters in Berlin, Paris, and Madrid.

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  • Sharing is a hot trend: Bosch mobility services continue on their growth course.
  • Launch in December 2018: customers of toom hardware stores will test the new service.
  • Last-minute availability: use an app to book a van, climb in, and transport bulky purchases home, all stress-free.
  • 100 percent electric: driving electric vans generates zero local emissions. [/box]

Bosch has opted exclusively for electrically powered vehicles. The van-sharing service will initially be offered in Germany, at hardware stores in Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Troisdorf, and Freiburg. At these stores, charge spots are already in place for the small electric vans, which are provided by StreetScooter.

The company believes that shared electric vans have scope for application outside the hardware-store sector: if the new sharing service proves popular, Bosch plans to expand it to include other partners, whether these be other toom stores, furniture stores, supermarkets, or electronics stores. It is also interesting to note that Mobility Solutions is the largest Bosch Group business sector.


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