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Every fourth German in favor of extending the car sharing offering

A large proportion of Germany is environmentally aware and is in favor of more local public transport and a stronger car sharing network. Every fourth person is in favor of extending the car sharing offering, according to a study by Forsa.

The representative survey on current mobility and environmental challenges in the city reveals that in the area of private car sharing there is still room for improvement, because a privately owned car is used for an average of just 45 minutes per day, as shown in a mobility study carried out by the Federal Ministry of Transport in 2017. It also brings out that the sharing has to be simple and practical so that the car is not left standing around idly for much of the time.

In close cooperation with the market research institute Forsa, smart asked the question regarding mobility and the environment. The majority of those surveyed think that extending connections and frequency in local public transport (73%) and free bus and rail services (69%) is a good idea.

Every third person asked (36%) believes that electric mobility should be better promoted. And every fourth person (27%) regards car sharing as a prime candidate for extension. Driving bans in city centres reject 83 percent categorically. Those polled also see many advantages in organising car sharing via an app.



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