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Getaround acquires Drivy

Carsharing company Getaround has announced the $300M acquisition of Drivy, a carsharing platform in Europe.

With more than five million users between the two companies, Getaround is now one of the leading carsharing marketplace. With this acquisition the company has now expanded its presence in around 300 cities in the U.S. and Europe, adding international presence in six European countries: France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium and the U.K.

Headquartered in Paris, Drivy claims to have around two and a half million users across Europe with an established track record of local market execution and innovation. Combining the strengths of Getaround and Drivy will create offering for people in Europe to instantly rent and drive great cars shared by people nearby—all the while reducing the financial burden of car ownership by enabling people to earn money by listing and sharing their car when they’re not using it.

Over the past several years, Getaround has taken a number of initiatives in connected carsharing marketplace through its Getaround Connect, a patented technology that enables users to locate and unlock cars using their smartphone, making carsharing accessible to more people at any time of day. Drivy also has introduced an instant smartphone unlock function—a connected technology that removes the inconvenience of renters and owners needing to meet up to pick up car keys.

Source: Press Release


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