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Honda to create future mobility products and services with new VC partners

Honda Xcelerator looks beyond automobiles to create future mobility products and services that bring new value to the customer experience.

Honda Xcelerator has been working with and contributing to the overall success of startups, including DeepMap, Tactual Labs, and WayRay, in developing technologies that focus on challenges posed by autonomous vehicles and advanced connected cars.

A recently announced strategic partnership between Honda and SoundHound, the leading innovator in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, was also a result of the startup’s collaboration with Honda Xcelerator. The strategic partnership will accelerate the development of voice-enabled AI assistant.

In this line has announced that it will enhance its support of early-stage innovators by investing in the funds of the following venture capital firms:

• 360 Capital Partners, a European VC firm headquartered in Paris, France, that invests across Europe in innovative deep-tech with a focus on robotics, mobility, and industrial innovation

• JB Nordic Ventures, a newly launched VC fund and partnership between BaltCap, the largest private equity and VC firm in the Baltic region, and JBIC IG Partners, a Japanese government backed private equity and VC firm. The fund focuses on IT, robotics, and mobility for Baltic, Iceland and Scandinavia.

• SOSV, a VC firm headquartered in the USA, with a focus on accelerating startups in hardware, mobility, cross-border software, food and life sciences in San Francisco, New York, London, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taipei

• Yunqi Partners, a VC firm in Shanghai and Beijing China, that invests in companies focusing on enterprise service, IOT, robotics, and mobility

These partnerships expand Honda’s support of global innovation through Xcelerator operations in major technology hubs around the world, including Israel, Boston, Detroit, Japan, China, and Europe. Honda Xcelerator will also announce two new startup partners at CES 2019.

Source: Press Release


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