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Strategic alliance between aiPod and Renovo

aiPod has entered into a strategic alliance with Renovo.

Renovo is a mobility software technology company that builds AWare, an Operating System for Automated Mobility.

AWare merges software, data analytics, and automotive-grade safety systems into a unified platform that enables a growing range of technologies and services to be combined in Automated Mobility fleet deployments.

aiPod is the developer of a city-integrated Mobility-as-a-Service platform. The company is working to bring fleets of automated vehicles onto public streets in partnership with major cities.

The new alliance will help achieve that mission by integrating Renovo’s AWare technology into aiPod vehicles enabling them to be controlled by an automated driving system and run other applications. It will also help the company to scale rapidly.

aiPod is developing its platform, of which Renovo’s technology will now become a part, and has started to introduce it in selected cities globally.

The first implementation will be in the introductory pilot of Mobility-as-a-Service being conducted by aiPod in London beginning in early 2019.


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