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Tech Mahindra to develop aftermarket connected car solutions

Published: December 17, 2014 | Mumbai, India

Tech Mahindra has entered into a strategic alliance with a German start-up The Enquiss GmbH & Co KG, to expand its reach in the connected devices segment for the automotive segment. As part of this agreement, the companies have jointly developed solutions using the latter’s intellectual property and platform, to address the automotive segment.However this engagement of Tech Mahindra with the German company is not an acquisition. 

The Göttingen-headquartered company is primarily focused on the automotive and manufacturing sector.

A few weeks back, Tech Mahindra has also collaborated with AT&T to develop its own UBI platform. 

The company has released an Automotive Aftermarket Suite which would transform existing cars to smart and connected devices. The Automotive Aftermarket Suite is one of the first platform solutions in the Aftermarket space. Tech Mahindra plans to provide this solution as a managed service to OEM’s, Importers, Dealer Networks. It currently has several compelling features for the individual owner as well as fleet operator such as:

  • Real-time transparency to the vehicle owner on vehicle health status
  • Integrated process for predictive maintenance and pro-active service appointment
  • A dedicated portal used by the dealer with all vehicle activities, warnings, faults and service history

“We are confident that we will be able to provide the services to any car that is produced from 2000 onwards and which have the CAN (controller area network) connectivity added into it.” said Karthikeyan Natarajan, SVP, Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra plans to launch this Platform solution in Europe and US Markets initially and would gradually expand to other geographies. 

Source: Tech Mahindra


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