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Telefónica’s Movistar Car turns vehicles into connected cars

The trend to connect cars is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet of Things (IoT). With the Movistar Car service, Spanish multinational telecommunications company, Telefónica is expanding its IoT expertise. The service connects the car to make it safer and smarter, on the same level as the latest high-end models.

The company has also begun marketing of Movistar Car, it has the following functionalities:

Connectivity: The SIM included in the device creates an exclusive 4G Wi-Fi network for the car (with 3GB per month, included in the price), to which up to 5 devices can be connected at the same time to browse without consuming data from the customer’s mobile tariff.

Security: in the event of a car crash, Movistar Car automatically calls a platform that triggers the assistance protocol, including the management of the emergency service 112 if necessary.

Car’s condition: allows the customer to schedule maintenance checks and receive alerts related to possible vehicle failures.

Tracking and navigation: you can locate the vehicle at any time and set up movement alerts, or access the trip history. In addition, the driver will be able to go to the destinations they select or has stored as favorites through the browser included in the application, avoiding difficult or uncomfortable traffic situations.

Savings: offers the driver exclusive offers of fuel, garages, insurance, traffic fines management and more advantages associated with the car and their journeys, thanks to agreements reached with third parties.

It is available to all mobile phone users, regardless of whether or not they are Movistar customers. It works easily thanks to an easy-to-install device and an app to manage the service from the mobile phone.

Source: Press Release


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