Connected Vehicle

Teraki to bridge the Data-Chasm between the Car and the Cloud

Creating AI-based models is key to the automotive industry to better manage fleets, improve cars and introduce autonomous driving functionality opening up the edge-of-the-edge within cars and enable safer cars.

In this line, Teraki has recently announced that it is working on mass volume collection of sensor data from cars on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, including the Connected Vehicle Platform.

Berlin-based AI company, Teraki is a supplier of Intelligent Edge Processing for the automotive industry, building embedded software for highly efficient and accurate data pre-processing. The AI-based solution enables car makers to quickly process vast amounts of sensor data within cars in a highly efficient way.

By collaborating with Microsoft, Teraki enables the ingestion of more information to the cloud while lowering the cost for its automotive customers. This overcomes the challenges of collecting, transmitting, labelling and storing the enormous amounts of data streams from the hundreds of sensors inside cars.

Source: Press Release


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