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Traffic Technology Services and Siemens partner to advance Connected Vehicle deployment and applications

Traffic Technology Services (TTS) and Siemens USA have entered into an agreement to expand TTS’ partner network for supporting connected and autonomous vehicle operations near signalized intersections. Starting this month, select Siemens TACTICS* ATMS systems, an advanced traffic control hardware and software platform, will supply traffic signal data to TTS cloud-based services to support connected vehicle applications for safety, mobility, and the environment.


Siemens TACTICS platform is harnessing real-time traffic data which are used in the TTS cloud-based Personal Signal Assistant information service to provide a predicted and current intersection signal status. Every second at every intersection, TTS predicts the signal operations using its patented technology and these predictions and intersection layouts are then provided as data used for autonomous and connected vehicle applications. Siemens traffic data and analytics software enables an effective and secure solution from data capturing to actionable, real-time and measured information processing.

The joint service will be implemented initially in the City of Aurora (Denver area), City of Fargo, City of Fremont (San Francisco area), and East Whiteland and Upper Merion Townships (Philadelphia area). The Personal Signal Assistant service supports various connected vehicle applications, most notably the Audi Connect Traffic Light Information feature. TTS is deploying the Personal Signal Assistant service throughout several metro areas in the USA and Canada.

*TACTICS is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with industry standards delivering a reliable, powerful and, yet, easy to use traffic management system
#ATMS -Advanced Transportation Management System


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