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TTS Establishes Oregon DOT as statewide Vehicle-to-Infrastructure service

Oregon DOT (ODOT) and information service provider Traffic Technology Services, Inc. (TTS) have made Oregon the first state to activate a statewide vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) service.

Virginia DOT (VDOT) also supports the TTS service through its SmarterRoads portal and is the largest single data provider in North America. Both systems were launched to TTS customers in December 2018 and immediately began providing information to equipped vehicles.

The service, Personal Signal Assistant®, utilizes traffic control data received, processed, predicted, and provided to the driver through connected vehicle applications. The service operates at signalized intersections in North America and improves traffic flow by providing connected vehicle drivers real-time information to adjust speed for optimal travel time, safety, and fuel economy. TTS pioneered the service in 2016 and, as Audi’s supplier, released it concurrently with the first V2I connected vehicle application available to consumers, Audi connect® Traffic Light Information.

Virginia DOT recently expanded V2I services in its northern district where Audi and TTS have their own established presence. More than 1,450 signals are available, which will grow to potentially 3,000 signals across the state. TTS will continue helping VDOT expand V2I service throughout the state as more systems are added to the portal.

TTS now supports DOTs in six states—Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon and Virginia—and the District of Columbia as they respond to consumers’ escalating demands for V2I technology and desire to improve traffic flow and safety.

Source: Press Release


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