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V2P solution provider Viziblezone announces breakthrough

Many technologies to mitigate vehicle-to-vehicle accidents have been developed in recent years, there remains a significant lack of vehicle-to-pedestrian accident prevention systems. Meanwhile, with the growth of autonomously driven vehicles, and the expansion of technologies such as robo-taxis, the risks to pedestrians are increasing exponentially at a rate that existing vehicle sensor systems can’t effectively address.

In this line, Viziblezone, a provider of ‘vehicle-to-pedestrian’ (V2P) solution, announced recently that its patent-protected pedestrian detector technology successfully completed a major development milestone. The company reported that its prototype system has now proved that it can detect pedestrians even hidden behind objects at distances of up to 150 meters.

Part of the Jerusalem based OurCrowd Labs/02 innovation incubator, Viziblezone is now preparing for the mass deployment of its solution for application in both conventional, and autonomous vehicles. The incubator provides hands on support for startups in a range of fields including AI, deep learning, autonomous transportation and smart cities, and works in partnership with Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries and the Hebrew University’s technology transfer program ‘Yissum.’

Viziblezone aims to provide the pedestrian detector component free of charge for mobile manufacturers, with a one-time license fee for every unit installed in the cars.

Source: Press Release


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