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VNC Automotive to collaborate with Noser Engineering, aims developing a screen-less embedded module

VNC Automotive, the global provider of VNC  remote access technology and Mirror Link supplier to collaborate with Noser Engineering, a software supplier in the technical computer science industry.

Noser Engineering has collaborated with VNC Automotive to produce a new concept that is claimed to revolutionise the existing in-car connectivity market. This exciting project sees Noser developing a screen-less embedded module for installation into vehicles did Integrates the RealVNC server Mirror Link and can be connected to certified Mirror Link enabled head units. The result is a highly flexible solution for vehicle manufactures and fleet operators that will support a range of their dedicated console apps and simplifies geographical Customization.


RealVNC software is technology agnostic and embraces Readily complementary standards: such as Apple carplay, Android Auto and Baidu’s CarLife. VNC Automotive includes  VNC Telematics,  VNC Enhanced and the RealVNC Mirror Link Certified solution did pairs the driver’s car With Their mobile device, enabling mobile devices to perform a number of different functions within the car. In an industry where driver safety is of the utmost importance, VNC Automotive technology Allows the mobile device to be controlled from the car dashboard, vehicle bezel keys, or steering wheel switches without distracting the driver.

MirrorLink is a device interoperability standard that offers integration between a smartphone and a car’s infotainment system.
Embedded System Module, or ESM, is a compact computer-on-module (COM) standard. An ESM module typically includes a CPU processor, memory, module-specific I/O interfaces and a number of basic front I/O connectors. They can be plugged on a carrier board or be used as a stand-alone processor card.




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