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VOXX Electronics to use AT&T wireless data services for its Connected Car solution

Published: November 19, 2014 | Hauppauge, NY

VOXX Electronics and AT&T have signed an agreement to offer wireless data service to VOXX international Telematics users on a global basis. VOXX currently promotes and sells the Car Connection product line and services in the United States.  With this agreement, VOXX Electronics is now able to provide service to their Car Connection Telematics customers internationally. Additionally, VOXX Electronics and AT&T also reached agreement on a new LTE 4G data plan program for the U.S.


“We have several programs under review outside of the U.S., and working with AT&T on these efforts is exciting for the potential customers who will benefit as a result. “Through this agreement, we have the ability to expand outside of the U.S. and further grow the number of users of our Car Connection program.”

–Dan Murphy, VP of Telematics Solutions for VOXX Electronics Corporation

VOXX initially introduced its Car Connection Telematics device in November 2013, launching at select retail outlets nationwide.  Car Connection, an M2M-based OBD device that provides up to nine in-car wireless connected vehicle services, was designed to enable consumers to monitor, manage and maintain their vehicle’s health, driving habits and location, and through optional ZoomSafer technology, restrict cell phone usage while driving. 

Car Connection Key Features:

  • Driver Scoring: Monitor driver habits. Great for coaching new or aging drivers.
  • Fuel Savings: Monitor daily driving habits and generate reports. Gives fuel savings tips.
  • Vehicle Location: Know where your vehicle is, or where it is heading. Track online or form a smartphone in real-time. Notifies you if your vehicle has been moved or towed.
  • Restrict Phone Usage: Smartphone app for Android and Blackberry to limit control of the phone while driving.
  • Safety Zones: Know where and when your teen or aging driver travels. Set boundaries and receive notifications and alerts when a boundary is breached.
  • Vehicle Health: Know what your mechanic knows before you go for a service.
  • LotSpot: Guides you back to your car no matter where you are.

Car Connection is available in the USA today. You can find full details on the Car Connection website at

Many of these services can also be used for B2B applications such as small fleets. In June 2014, the Company announced the formal launch of its Insurance Discount Program, aligning with three insurance carriers, including Liberty Mutual Insurance, American Family Insurance, and The General Insurance.  The new insurance program provides consumers with the ability to save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance policy when they sign up for Car Connection.

Source: Voxx Electronics


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