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Waymo introduces Wi-Fi in its Robotaxis

Waymo’s driverless minivans have been operating in Phoenix and carrying riders since December. To attract more riders to its self-driving cars, the company is introducing more luxuries.

Earlier Waymo had launched ad-free music streaming for passengers through Google Play Music and added child car seat in every minivan.Now it is testing complimentary Wi-Fi in its robotaxis, according to a report by Reuters.

Six months ago, the company had launched Waymo One, a commercial self-driving ride-hailing service in the Metro Phoenix area. Over that time the company has grown to serve over 1,000 riders who hail Waymo cars each day to commute to and from work, bring their kids to school, get to the grocery store, and even to avoid parking at trailheads before a big run.

With fully self driving cars the company has been able to get rid of drivers reducing labor costs. Services enable the company to generate extra revenue by charging higher fares.


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