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Zubie partners with Xirgo Technologies to expand market

Zubie has entered into a partnership with Xirgo Technologies. Zubie is a connected car services and data insights company that powers business enterprises with real-time information about vehicles and drivers and Xirgo is hardware provider in the telematics industry.

The partnership brings together Zubie’s connected car platform with Xirgo’s expertise in hardware customization for the transportation industry. This combination expands the range of solutions that Zubie can deliver: tracking for fleets of all sizes, heavy duty truck tracking, and asset tracking.

All of the benefits of the Zubie connected car platform will now be accessible via Xirgo devices.

  • Location Management: Live location tracking, curfew scheduling, detailed trip history, geofence alerts, point-of-interest reporting, and dispatch.
  • Driver Behavior Analysis: Alerts and reports for safety infractions and fuel efficiency.
  • Vehicle Health Management: Check engine light diagnosis, battery level monitoring, preventative maintenance reminders.
  • Trip Tracking: Map and trip time, mileage, top speed, hard brakes, hard accelerations, speed, idle time and fuel cost.
  • Trip Tagging: Categorization of trips for business expenses and tax deductions.
  • Roadside Assistance: On-demand tow truck network for quick assistance.
  • Fuel Finder: Location of the cheapest gas near you.
  • Integrations: Key integrations with Fleetio, Expensify, IFTTT and other partners.

“Our easy to navigate web, IOS, and Android applications deliver insight to our customers across all four pillars of connectivity: vehicle location, vehicle health and diagnostic information, driver safety, and trip management. The versatility and high-quality of Xirgo devices is a terrific addition to our platform,” says Gary Tucker, Zubie, Inc. CEO.

“Utilizing the latest in IoT connectivity, Xirgo’s LTE-Cat.M device on Zubie’s connected car platform brings innovation, quality, and efficiencies to be expected of our two organizations,” says Shawn Aleman, CEO of Xirgo Technologies.


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