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DiDi Chuxing starts a new joint venture project to build EV charging network

DiDi Chuxing has announced that it is working to build its own charging networks for electric vehicles. The company has started a new joint venture project to build our own EV charging systems. DiDi’s charging networks will not only cover its own fleet but will also serve families and the public.

The Cheng Wei, founder, and CEO of Didi Chuxing announced this at a sustainable energy summit jointly sponsored by the United Nations and the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO), which is a key partner in DiDi’s new EV infrastructure program.

DiDi claims it is the world’s largest online transportation platform with more than 450 million users and 21 million drivers. As many as 25 million rides are completed on its network, twice as many as the rest of the world combined. The company is also working to introduce AI technology into integrated urban traffic management systems across China.

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DiDi Chuxing starts a new joint venture project to build our own EV charging systems

The demand for the electric vehicles has seen a significant increase with many countries working on plans to switch to electric vehicles within two decades. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), more than 750,000 EVs were sold worldwide last year, compared to 547,220 sold in 2015.

China is being seen as the front-runner in this field and has emerged as the largest electric vehicle market in the world by far. The demand in the country China now accounts for 40% of electric vehicle sales. So the company is widening its efforts. The company recently entered into a partnership with NEVS AB to develop an electric vehicle, fully optimized for the mobility services that DiDi is offering and also initiating a path towards a revolutionizing self-driving and on-demand mobility future.

DiDi recently predicted that there will be more than 1 million electrical vehicles operated in the DiDi platform in 2020, this would require support in form of a large network of electric charging stations as well so the step of the company can be understood in this light. Cheng also gave another important statement in which he said that the future of transport is new energy vehicles, and ridesharing will be a key link in promoting new energy on the road.


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