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Enevate announces 5-minute extreme fast charge battery technology

For wide scale adoption EVs face barriers like limited range, long charge times, and high cost but now Enevate Corporation, a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology company has announced HD-Energy Technology for Electric Vehicles (EVs) that can break down the barriers to electric vehicle adoption. This technology enables extreme fast charging in only 5 minutes with high energy density and long driving range that adds up to 390 km—or up to 80 km range with a 60-second charge.

Enevate announces 5-minute extreme fast charge battery technology

According to the company, this fast charge and very short charging times are better than any other Li-ion technology available today, while meeting automotive requirements for energy density, range, and cost. Enevate licenses its silicon-dominant HD-Energy Technology to battery and EV automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Enevate’s HD-Energy battery technology can safely charge and discharge down to -40°C and capture more energy during regenerative braking, extending their range in cold climates. A key safety benefit is that Enevate’s HD-Energy Technology is inherently resistant to lithium-plating during fast charge and also during charging in low temperatures, which is a major challenge for conventional graphite Li-ion cells.

This 5-minute charging allows flow-through charging stations where EV drivers wait just a few minutes to “fill up” just as they would with regular gas stations. In addition, with such short charging times, smaller batteries can be used in some EVs making them much more affordable.


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