Porsche installs its first high-speed chargers at its new office in Berlin

Porsche has opened a new office in Berlin which includes the company’s first two ultra-fast 800-volt chargers.The chargers are capable of charging existing EVs at up to a 150kW charge rate against 120kW by Tesla Supercharger. The company has also claimed that the chargers will be able to support up to 350kW charge rate for electric cars coming out in the future.


Porsche is working on a project to charge a vehicle by 80% in 15 minutes, it has named the project as Mission E. This project is scheduled to be completed by 2019. It is also constructing another such charging station at its American headquarters in Atlanta.

The company has also partnered with other car companies on installing 350kW-capable charging stations across Europe, and it is being reported that Tesla has plans to compete with even faster chargers.


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