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MapmyIndia launches the AIS 140 compliant, ARAI certified tracking device

MapmyIndia has announced the launch of intelligent tracking device compliant with AIS 140 (Automotive Industry Standard 140), certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) and in line with Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways (MoRTH) directive & notifications.

According to the company its AIS 140 complaint tracking device has been especially developed for use in commercial and public transport vehicles. The devices come loaded with company’s telematics platform “InTouch” integrated with the detailed MapmyIndia maps empowering all commercial vehicles with live tracking, route creations, geo-fence management & alerts etc. It goes beyond track and trace and offers much more viz. reports on the engine vitals, driver behaviour, drive history etc. on optional basis.

The company further claims the device supports accurate live tracking, routing and SoS button response which will be integrated with government server as per MoRTH guidelines. Both the devices can be accessed via web dashboard & native mobile platform.

The tracking product consists of GPS tracking device, one SoS button, embedded SIM card (1 year subscription) and accompanying web and mobile app (android & iOS). In case of any emergency accurate location of the vehicle will be displayed enabling immediate despatch of emergency response team, the device will then route to it through the best/fastest path to the incident location.


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