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CSR and Livio Radio teams up to integrate in-car infotainment with smartphone

CSR plc and Livio Radio announced that they have teamed up to reinvent the car radio. It will now be possible for next-generation in-car infotainment systems to receive thousands of Internet radio streams wirelessly from a smartphone and be able to control and play them without the driver having to touch the handset. In doing so, the collaboration has solved two major problems that have hampered in-vehicle Internet radio access: harnessing the large number of Internet radio content providers and creating a well-defined way for the in-vehicle entertainment system to control and play the content, allowing driving safety.

“CSR is the only wireless connectivity chipset vendor in the automotive market to go beyond simply supplying hardware by eliminating as much of the integration burden as possible, and through this collaboration, we can now deliver in-car Internet radio access and control for the next generation of in-vehicle systems,” said Thomas Carmody, head of connectivity marketing of the Automotive Business Unit at CSR. “While this solution will be available first in the RoadTunes software for the BC5MM Bluetooth solution, CSR intends to eventually support Internet radio access and control in all of its automotive connectivity software products.”

“Instead of having to fumble with the smartphone to browse through, select and control your preferred content, the Livio Connect API allows the in-vehicle system to be used to do it remotely, seamlessly and safely,” said Jake Sigal, CEO and founder of Livio Radio. “This collaboration with CSR puts all the pieces in place to make this happen, giving makers of in-vehicle systems a solution for adding this capability to their products quickly and easily.”

The collaboration combines expertise from each company to solve the two major problems that have stymied in-vehicle Internet radio access. Livio brings its expertise in aggregating leading Internet radio content providers (such as 977 Music, AccuRadio, Digitally Imported, Grooveshark, jacAPPS, Live365, the Livio Car Internet Radio App and Rdio) and supplies the Livio Connect API, which make it possible to access and direct the smartphone operation via the controls on the in-vehicle infotainment system. CSR brings its extensive experience with Bluetooth technology to incorporate the Livio Connect API and create the wireless bridge to the Livio app on the smartphone that controls the internet radio streaming.

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