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DENSO invested nearly $100 million over a four-year period in startup companies

DENSO has announced that it has invested nearly $100 million over a four-year period in startup companies around the world as part of its long-term vision to provide software-based solutions focused on electrification, automated driving, connectivity and shared economy.

Recent investment areas for DENSO include:

• Autonomous Drive: DENSO invested additional dollars into Ridecell’s Series B funding round for the development of shared mobility. Its partnership with ThinCI is enhancing deep learning capabilities required for autonomous vehicles.
• Cybersecurity: DENSO led Dellfer’s initial funding round to help the company develop cybersecurity safeguards for connected and autonomous vehicles.
• Electrification: An investment in FLOSFIA is focused on a semiconductor device expected to reduce the energy loss, cost, size and weight of inverters used in electrified vehicles.
• Sensing: Along with a handful of other strategic investors, DENSO invested in Metawave Corporation to accelerate the development and improve performance of in-vehicle, “smart” radar sensors for autonomous cars.

The company has also announced that startups backed by it will join it at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The company aims to continue investing in startups and entrepreneurs who can help accelerate innovation in the automotive industry.

Source: Press Release


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