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HARMAN collaborates with Ultrahaptics to develop mid-air haptic feedback system

HARMAN International has announced the development of a mid-air haptic feedback system, developed in partnership with Ultrahaptics.


Ultrahaptics-retinalogoThe new technology allows drivers to control infotainment and audio systems with hand gestures, enabling them to keep their eyes on the road and lowering cognitive distraction while driving.

The system creates  a connection between people and technology by using ultra sound to project sensations onto a hand. Haptic sensations, track the driver’s hand movements, which then gives feedback for various gesture commands.

HARMAN worked closely with Ultrahaptics to design this unique system combining custom haptic sensations, gestural interfaces and HARMAN’s custom visual interactive Graphic User Interface (GUI).

This solution from HARMAN and Ultrahaptics showcases a unified system with a highly-integrated haptic and audio-visual component.


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