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Hyundai and Baidu to work together for developing connected cars

Hyundai Motor will collaborate with Baidu for developing connected cars, as per reports. As China has been emerging as a strategically very important market for the auto industry and all the automakers heading towards it, Hyundai’s deal with China’s internet giant can be seen in this line.


To begin with, Hyundai will install the Baidu MapAuto navigation system and the Duer OS Auto artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistant into its cars. But this collaboration is not a new thing as since 2015 Baidu has been supplying Hyundai its smartphone connectivity platform, Car Life.

Baidu MapAuto provides navigation service along with information such as traffic congestion, famous restaurants and tourist attractions in real time through processing big data from the internet. It also synchronizes with a smartphone to provide a customized driver interface in the car. While Duer OS Auto is an AI assistant with a voice recognition system for cars which controls automotive air conditioning, infotainment systems, and internet services.

Apart form leveraging the expertise of Baidu in AI and machine learning Hyundai cooperating with China’s representative high-tech company Baidu might also be directed towards regaining its past popularity and easing out the negative emotions of the Chinese customers towards South Korean Hyundai.

Baidu-CarLifeBaidu of late has been very active in developing future cars and has got into partnerships with many significant players of the automotive ecosystem. It recently has announced collaboration with companies like Continental, Bosch, and Harman. It is also working with Nvidia, BAIC etc.

Baidu is also working on its “Project Apollo”, that is aimed to develop fully autonomous driving capabilities on highways and open city roads by 2020.

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